September 2010      Volume 1, Issue 1

In this introductory September 2010 Newsletter, Families for Honor would like to give a short introduction of our purpose as an educational advocacy group. Our efforts focus mainly on educational objectives and preserving students’ rights for improved enforcement of student procedural protections and due process within UVA’s two disciplinary systems.

Shortfalls in due process for both of these disciplinary systems are being brought forward by Families for Honor to allow for public scrutiny. Questions are raised as to why more responsiveness, transparency and Community accountability are not a top priority of the University administration, faculty, and governing student body.

Newsletter Contents:

1. FFH Meeting with the Department of Education, June 2010

2. FFH Meeting with UVA BOV Student Affairs/Athletics Committee, July 2010

3. FFH Meetings with UVA Honor Committee in April, May, and June

4. In the News for September

5. Mission Statement and Membership Information

Download September 2010 Volume 1, Issue 1 (PDF)

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