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All  alumni, family members, faculty and students  who
  • See the need for UVA Honor reform to include addressing single sanction (permanent expulsion) as the Honor Committee's sole penalty, while there are ten or more lesser sanction penalties available for dishonorable conduct mediated through UJC Standards of Conduct infractions are encouraged to stand with us.  
  • Those who believe the current practice of students being expelled for what they "should have known" when there is no proof that a deliberate, intentional act against the three honor rules "not to lie, cheat or steal" occurred should not be allowed to continue.
  • Those who are seriously troubled that students cannot make an honest mistake in understanding without being in peril of permanent dismissal with life-long impact, and who are subjected to a protracted, distressing honor investigation, while students who lie about their age to drink illegally, and/or who commit acts of racially motivated aggression or violence against others, are allowed continue on as a student despite the fact that they broke the law. 
  • Those who believe it unfair that intentional cheaters who admit they have cheated, and conscientiously retract their work are allowed to remain at the University, but students who did not knowingly cheat, do not then have that fail-safe, and can, in their ignorance, be expelled.  
  • If you'd like to be part of the discussion about who is really putting the claimed UVA "community of trust" at risk–someone with incorrect document citations, or who turned work in after a deadline, or someone who steals someone's possessions, or beats up, or racially slurs a classmate then please sign up to join us and receive further information about our current activities.
  • If you would also like to see true justice operant when appeals are submitted that demonstrate in detail how the Honor process did not follow their own rules, and how student's are routinely railroaded into a conviction after having the majority of their supporting evidence, and witnesses forbidden during their honor trial, so that they were left with nothing considered allowable to demonstrate their innocence.  Or that appeal reviews with compelling evidence of Honor wrong-doing, are routinely denied by Honor student panels who had conflicts of interest with the case, and are unable to review it with fresh, unbiased eyes.  FFH contends that all appeals should be reviewed only by those completely unfamiliar with the case being reviewed.
Families for Honor (FFH) is seeking to expand its membership base as we continue to advocate for an honor adjudication process that insures that students' full constitutional rights are protected, and only reasonable penalties are levied against those judged guilty of honor infractions.  Families for Honor would also like to provide confidential emotional support for families facing trial procedures at UVA.  We are not trained legal experts or counselors, and will not provide legal advice, but we do want accused families to realize they are not alone during this difficult time, and many of us have walked the path you are now experiencing. If you need a trustworthy ear to actively listen to and support you, please contact us, and we will match you with a FFH member for support.    
Please sign up today using the form below, and help us forge a better tomorrow for UVA Honor, and see the true legacy of Honor re-established.

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